Melanated DeeJay, founded by Si'mone Hughes Lewis aka DJ Monie "This Risqué DJ", is a private members-only DJ Coalition for Female DJs of Color, providing guidance and brand management for existing and aspiring deejays. We offer exposure, full management and mentorships, as well as brand creation, event management and private event curation.

It is intended to be a sisterhood of positivity and growth. Lending mentorship to up-and-coming DeeJays and a place of seasoned DeeJays to showcase their skills and secure more bookings.

All of our DeeJays are individually screened before they are accepted for representation to ensure they meet our qualifications. Our clients have a standard that we strive to meet with every Melanated DeeJay that we represent.

For more information, contact us and someone from our team will gladly assist you to the best of their ability.