Melanated DeeJays is a private members-only DJ Coalition for Female DJs of Color, providing guidance and brand management for existing and aspiring deejays. We offer exposure, full management and mentorships, as well as brand creation, event management and private event curation.

It is intended to be a sisterhood of positivity and growth. Lending mentorship to up-and-coming DeeJays and a place of seasoned DeeJays to showcase their skills and secure more bookings.

All of our DeeJays are individually screened before they are accepted for representation to ensure they meet our qualifications. Our clients have a standard that we strive to meet with every Melanated DeeJay that we represent.

For consideration, we ask that each interested DJ submit a video of themselves performing, links to your social media platforms and a completed application. Each DJ is screened and then confirmed for membership.


The Melanated DeeJay website will eventually offer each Member the opportunity to live stream directly from their DJ page.

More Information Coming Soon!


Our DeeJays will have the ability to monetize their content directly through their DJ page on Melanated DeeJays. The DJs can either charge a monthly subscription or even charge individual pay-per-view rates.

More Information Coming Soon!


It's your content, so why not monetize it?!

The Melanated DeeJay website will give our member DJs a place where they can not only live stream, create and display content, but also make money from it as well.

*We are still developing these features. More Information Coming Soon!


At Melanated DeeJays, we believe in respecting ourselves and each other. In order to remain a member, we ask that each member will conduct themselves in a respectable way and also respect all other members at all times. If you are caught in violation, you will be removed from our community. It is our discretion as to whom we distribute a membership to. We ask that you respect our community and each other. Remember, this is a place where we build each other up, not tear each other down!


We are always looking to add to our community! If you would like to nominate another Melanated DeeJay, please let us know!

Email: - Subject: DJ Referral


We accept submissions 24/7!!

In order to be considered for Membership, please upload a performance video of yourself doing your thing and complete the simple application. Acceptance Confirmations are generally sent 48-72 hours upon receipt.


(310) 344-7205

Monday to Thursday 2pm - 5pm PST